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Okay, since it seems to have annoyed some people in the group; please do not submit anymore edited screenshots. Mainly if it's Gray x OC in that edited screenshot.

I am sorry, I do not have anything against OCs, but I do want the members of this group to be happy and have a great time in this group. Thank you and have a nice day. :)
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Gray Fullbuster Fans!

Hello fans of Gray Fullbuster! This is the fanclub for ALL fans of Gray. Everyone is welcome to join and sumbit their art - but please, submit them in the right folder... So anyways, this group has some rules so you MUST read them or you'll be kicked out or banned from the group;

:bulletgreen: Be nice to the other members of the group.
:bulletgreen: Everyone is welcome to join and affliate - come on - don't be shy to ask to join. :)
:bulletgreen: Always sumbit the right pictures into the right folder. I'll talk about the folders later on.
:bulletred: Do NOT bash/flame or be mean to ANYONE in the group just because you don't like/hate Gray or you don't like/hate this person. If I see any of that, you'll be kicked out or banned from the group.
:bulletred: As it seems to annoy some people; please do not submit any edited screenshots that you done for your OCs, mainly with Gray.


Right, as you know the folders; there is Featured, Gray Fullbuster, Gray X ___, Gray X OC, Cosplays, Misc., Group, Yaoi and Fanfictions. I will tell you what folder you should put the right pictures in.

Featured: That folder includes children of Gray with an canon character or an OC, icons and his childhood (his past can added there too).
Gray Fullbuster: Should I really tell you about this folder? It's basically about Gray, AND ONLY GRAY.
Gray X ___: This folder would include Gray X an canon character (e.g: Gray X Juvia, Gray X Lucy etc.).
Gray X OC: This folder is pretty straight forward. It's Gray and your OC. Simple.
Cosplays: Basically; it's just an cosplay folder. So all cosplays go in this folder.
Misc.: This folder is for memes, and other things.
Group: This folder is about Gray in the group. Yes, it HAS to have Gray in the group. And yes, Gray in an OC group is allowed.
Yaoi: This folder is for all Yaoi fanatics. So all Yaoi arts goes here. (e.g: Gray X Natsu, Gray X Lyon etc.)
and finally Fanfictions: Pretty straight forward; any written arts or fanfics however you'd like to call it, goes in this folder. As always, it MUST INCLUDE Gray!








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YougamiDaisuke Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
Can't I add to the gallery?
Xaviarluvya Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012
thx for letting me in
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Hello there.. thanks for accepting me&my art in this group:)
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May we please Affiliate with you :heart:
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Dizzy-Foxi Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Why aren't there more Gray fan clubs? D:

Thx for letting me join! I love Gray.... *best fairy tail character ever!!*

also thank you for making such an amazing group :love:
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ShadowNightNinja Featured By Owner May 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
thanx 4 letting me join! XD
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can i join?
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Thanks for letting me join :D
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I love Gray samaaaa
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hello guys . please, go there : and vote on FAIRY TAIL WIKI. it's now on 11th place ...

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